Via Napoli DDP table credit

Contemplating going to Via Napoli for the first time in September. How do you all use your Table credits there? It seems like a waste to use five credits for a family of five. Would you use two credits and grab a couple of large pies? If you did that… How would you use your 3 remaining table credits later?

I believe when ordering larger pizza’s they still dock 1 ts for each diner at the table. It’s much more economical to pay OOP for VN unless each person is getting a separate entree. Maybe pay for that meal and upgrade another meal to a 2ts signature ADR.

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I agree, pay OOP and use your credits someplace else. (Answering because some people seem to think there should be more than one answer :smile:


If u order a pizza its 1 TS credit per person:(

When we went last year, we were told that we had to order the individual pizzas on the dining plan and it would be 1 TS credit for each of us. Our server said we couldn’t order a larger pizza on the dining plan. It sounds like others have had different experiences though.

Are the individual pizzas as good as the larger ones? What else do you get per person if using the DP? Is it worth the use of a TS? We have an ADR and I didn’t even consider these things!! Probably will pay OOP and find another TS ADR for another day. Which would be great!