Via napoli DDP menu

Just a quick question. We are on the DDP and planning to go to Via Napoli, we are looking at the menus on-line but we can’t figure out what would be included for one dinning credit.
What size of pizza can a person get for one dinning credit? And what about the menu items that say “feeds 2-3 persons” Can dining credits be used here? and how many does it take? (1,2 or 3 credits)

Your help would be appreciated.

This is what DisneyFoodBlog has to say?

and this too from DisneyTouristBlog:

Via Napoli – This is a tricky one. Via Napoli has built a sterling reputation on its glorious pizza pies, but if you order one of these, the value is below-average on the Disney Dining Plan. Instead, you have to look to the traditional Italian menu choices, and choose one of the $30+ options.

Then, you need to pair that with a nice glass of wine and one of the more expensive desserts. Then–and only then–is Via Napoli a great value on the Dining Plan. The good news, though, is that Via Napoli is a great restaurant choice no matter what you order!

I think that any of the pasta entrees would count as an entree for DDP. I know that for the pizzas you have to order individual pizzas (which are delicious). Ordering a large or medium to share is not allowed under the dining plan. I’m not sure about any other items on the menu.