Veterinary Treatment Area @ AK

I just read that the veterinary treatment room at AK has reopened! I have never seen this and forgot it was even a thing - anyone have any tips or know how/when you can view the animal care going on while in the park? My kids would LOVE the opportunity to experience this on our visit in November!

If times are the same as before, I had heard animal treatment procedures are usually in the morning. says 9am and/or 10am. When I was at Conservation Station in the early afternoon, vets were finishing up what I was told was a long procedure.

I got to see a flamingo who’d swallowed a piece of metal get x-rayed once! So cool!! Good luck @haylekk!!

One of the mornings last week there was a sign outside saying that treatment was taking place and guests were welcome to view

The other time we were there the sign wasn’t out

I guess it’s pretty random and you just have to fall lucky

So cool. Thanks for the info everyone! We will try to see it when we go in November!