Veterans Day?

Hello all. Considering either the last half of October 2020 or the week that includes Veterans Day smack dab in the middle. Wondering what you think having Veterans Day on a Wednesday will do to the crowds. I assume it’ll be bonkers on the actual day. But what about the rest of the week (tue/Thur) etc?

I’m also curious about this, having gone around that time the last two years (both of which made it a long weekend). Since it’s in the middle of the week it won’t be a long weekend, so I wonder if it won’t be that big of a deal? Have you checked into past crowd levels for years when it fell on a Tues, Wed or Thurs?

I have just two words “JERSEY WEEK”. This is the week we empty out our state and go to Disney, LOL. All public schools in NJ are closed on Thursday and Friday for the NJEA convention in AC. A lot of school are now closing the whole week because of Veterans day falling the same week. I really don’t think that that it is really that more crowded maybe up 1 or 2 CL nothing that should stop anyone from going with a good TP.

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I thought jersey week was Nov1-7 in 2020

No, I wasn’t sure where to find that information! I mean, I would think that it’s just a one day holiday 2 weeks before thanksgiving, so, I would guess that the holiday itself would be busy but the days around it would be “normal” but that’s all just speculation