Veterans Day

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about Vetrans Day this year? It falls on a Monday, the week before thanksgiving. I watched the video discussing the most and least busy MVMCP and it wasn’t mentioned at all, so I’m guessing it will be somewhere in the middle. We are attending that night. We could have chose the next day which I wish I had bc it turns out that is supposed to be the #1 least busy MVMCP. Oh well. I haven’t seen, read or heard anything about that night, have you guys?

It’s ranked #13 of 22 on the TP blog Least Crowded Party Dates. I’m still leaning toward attending that one but haven’t purchased my tickets yet.

Darn it, I wish I had waited. Monday night just seemed to work better with our schedule. And I panicked and bought them. Thank you, I couldn’t find this article and ended up watching a video.

The parks are projected to be busy on Veteran’s Day and we have a late night Sunday so for us having Veteran’s Day as a late start/resort day and going to the party that night is probably the best plan. So I’m going to try to ignore the temptation of the low crowd Tuesday party messing with my plan.

That was exactly my thought.