Veteran's Day-Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, Crowd Level (YAY or NAY)

We will be at Disney World November 10-18. There is a party on the 12th, 13th, 15th, & 16th. I’m very interested in your opinion of the crowd level for the party on Veterans Day, the 12th. Your crowd calendar has it much busier that day. I’m worried due to Veterans Day, the last day of Food & Wine Festival, and this is the Monday following Jersey Week. Would you choose to attend or avoid this party? The 12th and 16th (Friday) fit into my schedule the best so please give me your opinion. Thanks so much!

Last year the MVMCP I went to (on a Tuesday in early Dec) was ‘rated’ by a few Disney websites as one of the best bets. It sold out the night of. So I’m a firm believer that you probably should just go to MVMCP with the expectation that it will sell out, and that you should just buy tickets if it fits into your schedule & you want to go. Weeknights may sell out slower than weekends, but all parties will probably feel pretty crowded when it comes to the popular gathering spots - like the parades or big characters - but the longer you stay, the more people go home & the park gets less busy. If you focus on rides during MVMCP, you will probably get the most bang for your buck in the sense that most people seem to focus on special characters or parades, so that works out in favor of those who focus on rides. Regardless though, if you have a good plan, you can accomplish a lot! So I say go when it works best for your schedule - try to have some rest time before MVMCP so you can stay til close, and the next day have a later morning so you can sleep in!

Thanks for your response! Our party last year wasn’t sold out, but still seemed pretty crowded. Monday and Friday night fit perfectly in our plans so I’m very torn. I know MK and Epcot will be very crowded during the day due to Veteran’s Day and last day of F & W, but I’m hoping those people and locals will have to work the following day so will leave before the party??? I wish we could do the Tuesday or Thursday party, but the park crowd levels are so much lower that I want to do those during the middle of the week. The weekend will pick up again with families coming in for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the input.

I have the same exact question about crowd level due to veteran’s day.
I think some further clarification would be very helpful.

Will there be a significant crown difference (much more crowded) at the MVMCP on Nov 12th as compared to the 13th?

What is the best day to go to the party if a family is visiting that week?
The choices are 12th, 13th, 15th and 16th.

I have also been advised by friends who have gone to make the party towards the beginning of your trip to avoid being too fatigued.

We have tickets for the 12th. The universe was in sync until a few weeks ago I got this strange, alarming alert that MK crowds are estimated at 10/10 on that day…which makes no sense to me as I’ve heard that the parks aren’t as busy since a lot of guests will not be staying for the Christmas party. I haven’t been to MVMCP before and I’m a little worried, but alas. It’s already on the schedule and tickets are in hand.

I’ve asked this same question on multiple Disney fb pages. The consensus is that there are only a certain number of tickets sold to MVMCP and any of them have the possibility of selling out. Therefore, we are going to that party since the regular parks will be very crowded that day.

We have tickets for Veterans Day. No idea what to expect.