Veteran's Day: Epcot or Hollywood

We’re going for a quick trip in November (kids 10&12, will be first time with Toy Story land & Galaxy Edge). 4 days, doing each park 1 time. Booked park reservations as follows:

Tues - Magic, Wed (Veteran’s Day) - Epcot, TH - Hollywood, Fri - Animal

I’m wondering how crowded Veteran’s Day may be, and it’s making me think about switching Epcot & Hollywood days, since Hollywood is busy every day anyway so a holiday day shouldn’t make any impact.

Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

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This seems to be the general consensus on these forums. I have friends that went to Epcot last Saturday & said it was miserable because it was so busy. They don’t have enough attractions to spread out the crowds, so all the WS pavilions & food carts had massive lines. It took them on average at least 30 - 40 minutes anytime they wanted a drink or snack and waited over an hour to get inside the Mexico pavilion.