Very strange happening at RPR hot tub last night

We decided to head to the hot tub last night and when we got in there was a guy already in the tub. A very young “Johnny Depp” looking looking fellow, dark glasses, floppy hat. Later about five unaccompanied seven or eight year old girls got in the the tub. He struck up a conversation with them saying you look like mermaids, pretty , who are your favorite Disney characters and introduced himself as a first grade teacher assistant at a local school. When he asked if they were in first grade or kindergarteners everyone else in the hot tub’s radar went off. He captivated their attention until the girls were asked by a dad in the tub said loudly where are your parents! Dude stormed off saying he is a local and his treatment is unacceptable and he will get us kicked out!


That was the best he could do? Thank you for keeping an eye on it.


I’m still trying to process this. His voice and tone was very Michael Jacksonish. The fact that he claimed to be a local added to the creep factor. He walked to the nearest life guard, then to a what looked like a lead at the pool. We all expected some more drama but just like that he dissapeared. Very strange.


That’s super weird.

I’m not even sure how to respond to this. I wonder what I would have done if I were there. I probably would have just annoyed the guy into leaving. Thanks for sharing!

I felt creeped out reading it. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I were there. With everything you hear in the news about this stuff, the red flags went up in my mind—this is an adult asking little kids a bunch of questions without their parents there, he said he works at a school, etc. after he got out, did their parents ever come to get them?


I think hot tubs are for adults. If children are in they should be supervised.


That’s what I thought. And here’s at least one good reason why!

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This scenario reminds me of a time. While my kids were in the pool at our resort, I was in the hot tub minding my own business/relaxing. (I could see my kids from the hot tub.)

But then, several kids came to the hot tub and hopped in. I was now the only adult in the hot tub with some unsupervised kids who were not my own. This made me highly uncomfortable. An awkward position to be in, since the rules clearly state that kids should only be in the hot tub with adult supervision. Then, the kids started talking to me. This made me even MORE uncomfortable. So, I eventually just got out and left the hot tub to the kids.


The lifeguard should get them off.

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