Very short side-trip to Miami?

I am going to have a three and a half hour layover in Miami.

Is it at all credible to leave the airport, get some Art Deco action in, and then get back to the airport for my flight. I have TSA Pre-Check.

How would I do it? Where would I go?


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I am flying to Tampa on Friday. I am planning to arrive at the Philadelphia airport 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. You don’t have time to leave the airport.

Sorry to be a dream crusher, but with traffic there is really like 0 chance. Also you are such a worrier that I cannot imagine you would enjoy the stress of that in the least.

You people are mean.


I agree with the others, not a viable plan.

My sister lives down the road from the airport if you want to go jump in a pool and look at their pet chicken, though.


Does she have a helicopter?


The chicken?


Does she have an egg too?


Me after 3 1/2 hours inside the Miami airport. They have their A/C set to Meat Locker.


I live in Miami and here is what I think.

Yes, it is doable under certain conditions. If you can absolutely get to the Uber pick up spot with 3 hours 15 mins to spare then you can get to Wynwood, get some craft beer, look at the murals, squeeze some patio restaurant and get a mojito. S

South Beach is farther away and traffic in that particular area can be painfully slow, you can make it but it would be rushed depending on the time of day and I don’t recommend it.

A few other things to consider, MIA is a mess and not as straightforward as other airports. Just when you think you are done walking you realize you are not even half way. Uber availability is good but sometimes isolated events can cause drain in supply.

I would say, go for it. At any point of the way you can turn back. The distances are not that long and this isn’t like other city airports that are far away from the city, MIA is right there.

Yeah, Miami traffic gets a bad rep but it is very predictable which means the Uber estimates are dead accurate.