Very Merry Time Cruise - A Post Trip Report

It was exciting to read this thread because we are headed out on this same itinerary in a few months! Thanks so much for the detail on port excursions. We are first time disney cruisers so the excursions we were interested in were already sold out when our window to book opened last night.

Did you book your Tortola excursion through Disney, or did you book independently? I looked at Virgin Island Ecotours for St Thomas and those looked right up our alley, so your experience with it was super helpful! I researched Viator and Shore Excursions for independent shore excursions, and customers seem to be desperately unhappy with them recently, so any advice with a good vendor would be much appreciated!

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Glad to be of help! We booked both our excursions through Disney so I don’t know anything about independent vendors. Having said that, if you can book the Virgin Islands Ecotour independently I can’t see how it would be much different than what we did. Disney really just arranged the transportation there and back. Now our day in St Thomas was short. We had to be back aboard by 3:45 pm so I would be careful about timing. It was probably twenty-thirty minutes from the port.

Super helpful, thank you! I booked it with round trip transportation, and the excursion is from 9-12 so we should be good to get back on the boat. Let’s just hope we get off the boat timely and can connect with the driver who is apparently going to call me with instructions of where to meet! :slight_smile:

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