Very Merry Christmas Party Question

We are planning to attend MK on 11-8. This is during the Merry Very Christmas Party, which we are not planning on buying tickets too. It looks like the MVCP starts at 7pm, does that mean we need to be out of the park by 7pm on that day given we would park tickets but not MVCP tickets?


Yes. You have to leave if you don’t have tickets to the party. They don’t actually kick you out, but you won’t be allowed into anything. I’m not even sure they will let you into the stores. At least, that’s how it was when we were there before the MNSSHP.

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Park closes to regular guests at 6pm. At 6pm you won’t be able to enter any ride lines and they will start encouraging you to exit.

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As I understand it, even if you are allowed into a store, without the MNSSHP wristband you cannot buy the special MNSSHP merch at any rate.

Thanks all. I didn’t realize the park closes at 6pm, this makes sense on how they will control it. I think I will switch my AK and MK days to avoid the christmas party on the 11-8.

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Sorry, I saw “party” and thought MNSSHP. I would assume they do the same “must have bracelet to buy merch” thing with MVMCP.

Unless you don’t have another MK night to catch the nighttime activities, I would consider keeping MK on a party day. The crowd levels are usually low and you can get so much done. Because of the parties the days when MK is opened late tend to be much more crowded.


I was thinking about that, but crowd levels seem to be very low overall that time of the year, and I think I’d rather than the 3 extra hours at the park on Tuesday versus the slightly lower crowd levels.

Rope drop and mornings in MK on party days are wonderful. If you have park hopper tickets, going to MK in the morning and somewhere else in the evening is always a great plan.

If you don’t have park hoppers, then dinner at one of the resorts could work out great. If it were a little later in November, then I’d suggest checking out resort Christmas decorations. Some will be up by 11/8, and that’s right around when the Grand Floridian gingerbread house construction is usually starting, but you’ll have to keep an eye on Disney social media to see if trees are up at Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, or any of the other places with substantial displays. If not or if Christmas decorations aren’t your thing, then dinner at Disney Springs and maybe something like the Void Star Wars virtual reality experience could be fun!


May I suggest going to the party?

What a wonderful memory to have!