Very Merry Christmas Party - First Day?

My wife and I will be at Disney World from Sunday, Dec 4 through Friday, Dec 9 with my adult son and his wife. The Very Merry Christmas Party is available to us on Sunday (first night), Tuesday, or Thursday nights. Any thoughts on which one might be preferable?
My thought is that this would be a GREAT way to start our week. We arrive early afternoon and can be there from 4:00 PM (when I think we can get in) until midnight. But is Sunday night busier? Making this our final evening on Thursday is my second choice.

Any advice from those who have been there? I’ve been to WDW, but not over Christmas season.

Oh you’re going to have a great time! We’ve been going after Thanksgiving/before the second week of Dec. for the past 5 years and it’s an amazing time of year at DIsney. We LOVE MVMCP! There really isn’t a bad night to do it and you’e right about it being a great way to start off your trip. We’ve done it at the beginning and towards the end of our trips before. Currently deciding on a night for our trip (Nov 28-Dec 3). We may try our final night (Dec 2) this year as a great finale to the trip.

That is how we started our last trip. It was perfect. Slept in a bit, resort touring for a while, naps, and then we partied hard. It was fantastic!!!

I think generally the Tuesday night party has lower crowds. Regardless- I went to a very crowded Party two years ago and it was one of my most magical experiences in wdw. I love that party!

Are you traveling and arriving on Sunfay? That may make for a long day- I would be concerned about being too tired to enjoy the party to its fullest.

I personally wouldn’t choose arrival day. You plan to arrive early afternoon but you could be delayed for any # of hypothetical reasons (driving OR flying). I’d pick Tuesday actually unless it doesn’t work with the other park days you have chosen.

Just wanted to pop in and say that we are going to be there for those exact dates as well :slight_smile:

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We are going Dec 3-8 and have decided on the Tuesday party!