Very Merriest Christmas Party Sold Out

We were trying to buy a ticket for the very merriest Christmas party and they are sold out for our trip. Any tips on figuring out if any may open up?

Check at guest services day-of. They often are selling tickets that day and you may see a sandwich board out by the tapstiles as well.


Awesome. Thank You

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This was true for Boo Bash…but at least for the first two sold-out nights of the Christmas event, they were NOT selling any at the gates on day-of. So, sold-out actually meant sold-out this time around.

Was not true on Halloween just FYI. Sandwich board said “sold out”.

Does it ever hurt to ask though, really?


That is counter to what numerous reports said…there were plenty of reports of “Sold out” events where when you arrived they were selling tickets for the event (didn’t say sold out).

No. No harm. I just wouldn’t necessarily make an explicit trip to MK in hopes to get in. But if you already going to be there, certainly worth asking.

I’m putting on my tin hat here, but I don’t think it’s super outlandish to think they kept the first two “sold out” both to keep numbers down and result in rave reviews AND create a scarcity mentality so that people with FOMO are going to leap at the opportunity should it be presented.

I did not mean to suggest it was a guarantee by any means. But since OP asked how to figure out if there’s an option I figured I’d share the only idea I had.


You have a good point, for sure.

Reminds me how I once stalked for months trying to get a reservation at California Grill. My sister showed up with no plans made, no ADR’s nothing. She asked at check in if they could get her into CG and they got her in on the spot. :roll_eyes:


There were other ones that sold day of, just halloween wasn’t. It might have changed, but that’s what I saw on the sign the morning of the event.

Oh. I see. I didn’t realize you meant Halloween day specifically.

I think many of us are wearing similar hats.

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So I checked for tickets again this afternoon for the date we wanted to go, and it opened up. So we are good to go. I hope it is worth the additional $229 per person lol