Very Merriest After Hours

We watched two YouTube videos of the new Christmas After Hours events. After the negativity on Boo Bash, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Lines and crowds seemed decent, and the fireworks, parade and stage show all seemed well done. It is expensive, for sure, though.

I thought I would start a thread for folks to discuss their experience/opinions if it. The second (sold out) event took place last night.

PCDev recorded a good enough portion of the fireworks for me to feel it is likely a better show than Enchantment.


I’ve seen positive reviews from real people also (not bloggers, etc). It of course is expensive but seems like a magical event.

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I breathed a hefty sigh of relief after seeing all the positive reviews, considering I gave up our day passes to MK and bought tickets for the second most expensive day of the party.

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I was there on Tuesday, which was the first sold out night. It was such a great party. The fireworks/projections were easily better than Enchantment (in my opinion). The stage show was adorable and the parade was wonderful. With the exception of Peter Pan, SDMT, and JC…all rides were walk on.
There were lines for photos and snacks, but they moved quickly.
I did not attend the new version of the Halloween party, so can not compare, but I would absolutely do this again!