Very important shoe announcement

I know many of you have been extremely worried about whether my quest to find the perfect pair of shoes for WDW would ever end successfully.

Well, I hope I’m not being premature, but I think I may finally have found them.

Step forward the Low San Francisso GTX:

I wanted something (1) comfortable for long days of walking (2) waterproof for when the storms come and (3) at least a little bit cool-looking.

These seem to fit the bill!

If I may quote: A warm weather casual shoe that features GORE-TEX® SURROUND® Product Technology. The innovative open sole construction allows air to circulate throughout the shoe to keep feet dry and comfortably cool in warm weather, yet is durably waterproof/breathable.

They arrived today and I’m testing them indoors to start with for comfort. Signs are positive! Apparently you can step in puddles wearing them and not get at all wet. I’m not trying that out just yet!

Oh. One slight downer. They’re not cheap! But I had some Amex reward points that slightly lowered the price. Slightly.



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I have the Skechers Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe, but I’m curious about yours. What size are you and did you order that size or a slightly bigger size? Some of these walking shoes wear tight out of the box.

I bought the Skechers go walk as well for my first trip. I was quite worried about your shoe quest, thanks for updating :grimacing:

My other shoes are Euro 43. I ordered Euro 43.5.

So slightly larger than normal. And they seem to fit well. So far.

I’m debating on a different pair of shoes cause the Go Walk 4’s aren’t waterproof and it rains alot at Disney.

I don’t know much about this specific brand, but DH was a meter reader when we first married. He walked 8-12 miles a day reading people’s electric meters in all sorts of weather. Anyway, his favorite boots had Gore-Tex. They really helped keep his feet dry!

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Oh wow. I completely missed that you’ve booked another trip!

When are you going back?

I’ll be watching your shoe journey in detail once again :rofl:

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How is that possible, lol. I’ve started like a thousand threads about it!


I love those shoes and I think they would give such a young edge to your dinner attire at V&A.

Seriously though please report back on those. I would like them for the hubby.

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I’ve been living under a rock :sunglasses:

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