Very important questions about GOTG

Question 1
Currently, the only way to ride GOTG is by BG or LL$. Do both use the main standby line, i.e do both give the full experience?

Question 2
I’ve seen the first movie. Is that enough to enjoy the ride? Should I watch it again as a refresher? Should I watch the second?

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  1. No. I did ILL. I’ve not done the regular queue but you definitely learn about Xandarians as the first pre show starts with “now that you know about Xandar” or something like that . I had no idea what they were talking about. I also had a tight timeline and didn’t have to wait at all so it worked out for me.

  2. I think the movies are great and really enjoy them, but if you have a general idea that there are guardians of the galaxy you’ll be fine.


The current VQ (and I’d assume eventual stand-by queue) really sets up the whole story behind the ride. Xandar has come to Epcot as the first place in the Other-World Showcase, so in the first room you get in story-form the whole history like Earth (or Terra) and Xandar were made out of the same space stuff and then in the next room there are exhibits like you see in World Showcase (or at a World’s Fair) like a model of Xandar, the various uniforms of the Nova Corps, the history of the Battle of Xandar which is where the “TV interviews” with various members of the Guardians are. So it really sets up the whole story. I have not been through the ILL queue, but as I understand it, it’s basically like the ILL (formerly FP+) queue for Flight of Passage in that you miss almost all the details.

Regarding seeing them, I am a huge GOTG fan, so it’s hard for me to know what it would be like to experience the ride without having some knowledge of them. If you do the VQ line, you should get enough background for it all to make sense.

  1. No. Only the VQ line gives you the full experience, much like FOP. If you are lucky enough to get a BG, and have the time to spare, then the queue is definitely full of interesting things to look at, with lots of detail. The ILL line bypasses all that.

  2. I agree that knowing one movie is probably good enough.


No. They are two different lines. The line that BGs use is more immersive. You miss some of that with ILL. But the critical parts are after the lines merge.

Seeing the first movie is sufficient for the ride but since the movies are good you should watch both and maybe multiple times.




I have no desire to watch the movie. If I do the ride it will have to stand on its own merits. Same with the Pandora rides. Not going to watch Avatar just so the rides “make sense”.

Other rides do so this one should. I ‘ve never seen a whole POTC movie or Song of the South. Love both rides though.


If you want fast fingers sparkles to even attempt to get you a BG you had better watch the movies.

I said what I said.


Did you lose your glasses again? I said I’d seen the first one.

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No but my new ones are making me buggy.

Especially possible since the POTC movies came after the ride. :blush:


Also because they’re terrible movies.


True, I forgot that.

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