VERY early ADR Transport from TTC Advice Please :-(

I’m trying to help my cousin who has only been once before in 2002 to organise her wedding trip from the UK. Their first morning will be March 23rd.

They are spending it in MK. It’s v. busy and they will be awake naturally at silly o’clock due to jet lag. I was delighted to find a 7.40 am ADR for Be Our Guest.

That gives them a hard to find dining experience with the chance to get some pics in a relatively empty MK and puts them at the heart of MK early so they are at the ropes for Elsa or Mine Train ahead of the crowds entering the park at 9 am

The problem is that they are staying offsite. If they turn up at TTC will the Disney ferry or monorail run early enough to get them to the ADR without stress ?

If not what are the alternatives? Could they park at Disney Springs, and call uber / cab? Would they be any quicker if they walked to Poly from TTC? Any other ideas please? Thx in advance :smile:

We have a 7:30 for BOG the next day. The resort monorail should start running by at least 7, I’ve read 6:30. There will also be buses. If they get to TTC at 7, Disney will get them to the gates in plenty of time for their ADR, whether by monorail or bus.

Thank you. That’s reassuring. I wouldn’t worry so much if it was me but they will be a little uncertain at that stage any way and I don’t want to spoil their fun with stress.

Hmmm. Magic Kingdom during Spring Break for a stress-free honeymoon…

I have a 730 ADR for that week too, which only recently became available. I’ve read in various places that it probably means the park will open at 7 am and that might throw a kink into their plans… I know it will for ours.

Ouch. That would be a significant kink. I know it’s peak time so long hours help to satisfy capacity demands but I think Extra magic Hour in the evening already has MK open til 2am. I’m just praying they stick with 9 am.
T.Y. for the heads up .

I’m thinking they’ll move opening to 8. If they move it to 7, or add EMH that Thursday, we’ll cancel and have breakfast in the condo.

I’m hoping for as early an opening as possible. The earlier they open, the more we can do in the first part of the day. Then head back to the resort for a midday swim and a nap.