Velocicoaster Test Launch

OK, now I’m more excited.

If the theming is good and the ride is smooth, I’m all in.

I like Hulk. I don’t like RRR. I love Hagrid.


Thanks! If my sister goes with me most likely we will go if it is open at the end of June. We will see.

The flaw in my excitement is this: I will not wait more than — what? — an hour and a half for a ride. Which means I either skip Velocicoaster or I have to do yet another VIP tour.

Yup yup yup

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That makes me think waiting till my next official Universal trip might be better because it’ll be EP by then because I was planning on trying to wait till Epic park opens. I’ve got two Disney’s parks on my bucket list in Paris and Tokyo and Disneyland to keep me occupied for a few years once things get back to normal so I can definitely wait. I did the VIP tour for Halloween horror nights and it was amazing though. But I can’t see doing it for a regular park day when I’ve ridden everything a bazillion times and only one or two rides wouldn’t have express pass. I can’t justify that in my head.


I’m betting VelociCoaster will have Express when it opens.

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