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I making a trip to the world with a couple of friends in January, and one of the ladies just reminded me that she is a vegetarian. Can anyone recommend tasty restaurants/dishes for vegetarians in MK, AK, and Epcot? I don’t want her to be stuck with soup and salad throughout the trip.


Nearly all restaurants offer some sort of vegetarian option and definitely not just soup and salad. At Table service restaurants the chef’s are usually willing to make something special if requested. The only CS thing that sticks out to me is the Lighthouse Sandwich at CHH which gets a lot of good reviews. I’m a meat eater myself though so I don’t pay a lot of attention to those reviews. I know there are a lot more than that though.

There are tons of choices! Just did a trip with my sister in law who is a vegetarian and she was very happy and at times her dish was (almost) the tastiest choice of the table :slight_smile: Do not shy away from places like Ohana, which I call the “march of meat” restaurant. The server was amazing, explaining all the choices she had and that seemed to be the norm at all the restaurants we went to. WDW does an amazing job at catering to your food needs - just be sure to mention it to the server when you sit down.

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For QS, there’s some really good vegetarian dishes at Sunshine Seasons in FW (like a vegetarian “beef” stir fry), and in WS, I’d go with Tangierine Cafe if she’s looking for something a bit out of the norm.

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My husband is a vegan. Chefs usually very good at helping, even at buffets, they will make a special dish if there is not a lot out for him to eat. This is my research from last year, items and prices may have changed, and this is with a VEGAN in mind:

Animal Kingdom

Harambe Fruit Market
Fruit $1.49 - $3.69
Pretzels $4.29

Tamu Tamu Refreshments
Vegetarian Curry $9.19
Roasted Veggies and Tofu with Rice

Bradley Falls
Edamame $3.99
Summer Rolls?? $5.49
Asain Noodle Salad?? $6.49

Mr. Mamals
Samosa $5.99
Falafel Sandwich $9.19
Hummus w/ veggies $6.99
Edamame $3.99
Asain Noodle Salad?? $6.49

Garden Kiosk
Hummus w/Veggies $3.99
Vegan Granola Bar $3.29
Vegan Blondie $3.39

Hollywood Studios

ABC Commisary
Asain Salad?? $7.19
Cous Cous & Quinoa with Arugula Salad?? $6.79

Starring Rolls Café
Vegetable Roll?? $8.99

Rosie’s All American Café
Vegetable Black Bean Burger $8.59

Magic Kingdom

Egg Roll Wagon
Vegetable Egg Roll $2.50

Tortuga Tavern (Seasonally)
Vegetarian Burrito $7.79

Potato Leek Soup?? $5.29
Quinoa Salad ?? $10.49
green beans, potatoes, olives, roasted red peppers, golden beets, tomatoes

Friar’s Nook
Vegetables and Chips with Hummus $6.99

Gaston’s Tavern
Mixed Vegetable Cup with Dip $3.69
Hummus and Chips $4.39

Prince Eric Village Market
Mixed Vegetable Cup with Dip $3.69
Hummus and Chips $4.39

Columbia Harbor House
Vegetarian Chili $4.79
Garden Harvest Salad $5.59
Lighthouse Sandwich $9.49
Steamed Fresh Broc $1.99

Cosmic Rays
Vegetable Burger $8.59

The Plaza you can a vegan root beer float


Sunshine Seasons
Oatmeal $2.79
Five Bean Veg Soup $4.49
Oak Grilled Vegetable Sandwich $9.99

World Showcase

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Restaurants all should be able to help make a meal from your friend, just make sure when you check in let them know a chef will come out. Even buffets you get good attention.

At least most of the time. We have had a couple of bad experiences, 1900 Park Faire twice.

Excellent Resort Quick serve is the Mara at AKL

Favorite restaurants: Crystal Palace, Garden Grill, Trail’s End, Bongo’s

Check out the menus here on touring plans, they have both QS and TS

Thank you everyone for your responses! A lot of the places I researched for this had old information, but this is reassuring. :smiley:

As a vegetarian family, our favorites are Sanaa (AKL) and 'Ohana (Polynesian). We have found that nearly every table service restaurant either has or will make a special vegetarian option for us. And most counter service places have a veggie burger or something similar. The hardest place to find vegetarian choices for us tends to be the World Showcase at EPCOT, but Sunshine Seasons in FW always has delicious choices.