Vegetarian at 1900 PF

A few years ago there was a chef and 1900 Park fare that made a special vegetarian meal. Does anybody know if he is still there. If not what else is there that’s vegetarian friendly. Thanks

Ahh Chef TJ. No I do not think he is there anymore, he may have retired. But 1900 PF should still provide well for you. My DH is vegan and we have two reservations there for our next trip, first and last night.

Check out this topic, there is a lot of information here:

Chef TJ works at Trail’s End now. That was a fairly recent change. We went to 1900 PF twice on our trip last fall and didn’t have Chef TJ and it was awesome both times. And we are vegan/gf.
You may want to join a FB group called Veg Disney if you on FB. Lots of updates get posted on there and people answer questions fairly fast there as well.


Yes, as happytears123 said, Chef TJ works at Trail’s End now. I’ve heard great things about him and his vegetarian/vegan meals. Looking forward to checking out Trail’s End someday when he’s working. And yes, the Veg Disney group is a great resource!

We went to 1900 Park Fare in July and had a wonderful vegan experience. Chef Christopher was fantastic - he actually was taught by Chef TJ and was very accommodating and friendly.

(Review of my experience, if curious :slight_smile: )

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