Vegetarian and vegan recommendations inside WDW?

I am also on the look out for veggie options for FIL who is traveling with us in - ack - 27 days or so. I was listening to a Be Our Guest Podcast episode reviewing the Landscape of Flavors (food court at AoA) and they have their own homemade veggie burger, topped with - wait for it - a fried green tomato slice. I am definitely getting that next time, and I am not even a vegetarian.

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The Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich at LoF is described as Naan bread with cauliflower, spinach and paneer cheese. So not vegan, but sounds great.

Yes I do! It was naan bread with paneer and cauliflower - a curry flavour but not too spicy. Looking forward to getting one again when we are back in the World in a few weeks.

Figured this is worth a crosspost here. Vegetarian options for the 2014 F&WF (not counting drinks & desserts).

Again you are awesome @Mr_Itty

You can add Narcoossee’s to the list of WDW restaurants that have specific and separate vegetarian menus (the list also includes Hacienda, San Angel, Jiko, and Sanaa. Possibly others, but those are the ones I know). I went there today to ask about it (after seeing there were no Veg items on the regular menu). I also spoke to a chef, who said the 2nd entree is best for vegans, but the first one can also be made vegan by replacing the Garlic Cream sauce with an olive oil based sauce.

Hope that info helps someone…

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HDDR also had a separate vegetarian/vegan “menu” - it’s just different than a regular TS because you just get to pick one thing, but it had a few options to choose from at least.

We have had excellent vegetarian dinners at 'Ohana. Tofu and vegetable dishes…very delicious! Also found good counter service options at Sunshine Seasons.


Old post I know sorry, however does anyone know if this is still the case DW is vegetarian and as I do the ADR’s I have to check before booking.




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Yes most of this is still accurate. Nowadays all table service have some items that they can make something to fit almost all diets.

I have also found Trail’s End to be a good place. Garden Grill is also a good place. We have a lot of favorites.

If you have any further questions please let me know. If you have questions about specific places I will try and help if I have been there.

Sadly, Mr. Itty has left our liner community.


That’s great, we love to dine at Disney, however sometime the DW finds it difficult to find things to eat, often the experience makes up for it (and the dessert of course). It was just the published menu had nothing on there at all, so I was please to see the vegetarian menu.



I do not have a vegetarian menu.

But I have always noted an allergy on all of our meals, and when checking in explained dietary restrictions. The chef will come out and lead through a buffet and show options, and perhaps at times make something else.

As to a regular menu, the chef can also come out and explain what is available.

For counter service there are always books with all of the ingredients

My husband is a vegan, and we have little to no issue finding him foods that make him happy.

For counter service we have eaten:

Magic Kingdom: Columbia Harbor house, he loves the lighthouse sandwich, Cosmic Rays for their veggie burgers.

Epcot: Electric Umbrella and Sunshine Seasons have been good.

Hollywood Studios: Backlot Express

Animal Kingdom: We have not eaten at

Oh and the Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge is awesome!!!

Restaurants, Buffets/Family Style: Crystal Palace, 1900 Park Faire, Trail’s End, Garden Grill

Restaurants, Sit Down: Artist Point, California Grill, Kona Café, Bongo’s, Sanna, Coral Reef (has a vegan chicken entrée on the menu)

I hope this helps a bit more.


Update: For the best place to find out about vegetarian and vegan foods at WDW, join and follow the Veg Disney Facebook group. People post up to date stuff there often. Ex: the Beyond Burger is now at a few places as well as one place has the Impossible Burger.

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Thanks for fhe update

Ok someone just liked an old post so I thought I would add an excellent link for vegan in walt disney world.

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