Vegetarian and vegan recommendations inside WDW?

Besides BabyCakes NYC, of course. Which can be found in several grab-and-go locations inside the resorts, as well as at the Gardens kiosk in Animal Kingdom, on the way from Discovery Island to Asia.

Tangierine Cafe at Morocco!


A friend of mine raved about Citricos having lots of option from which to choose.

1900 Park Fare had some good options for Vegan as well as Gluten Free on their buffet and the Chef also made us a salad, vegan sushi, gave us GF & V buns and then also a coconut ice creme sundae with raspberry sauce and Enjoy Life cookies. We went twice because we enjoyed the meal so much.

The Wave has a vegetarian/vegan menu which included some gluten free items also. We were excited to have more than one choice to pick from and our family chose 3 different things and loved them all. Will definitely go back.

Cinderella’s Royal Table dinner was one of our favourites also! Good salads, warm gf & v buns, a ratatouille dish (delicious!) and warm gf & v chocolate cake with Tofutti ice cream.

Hoop Dee Doo Revue had a really good tossed salad and we were given roasted potatoes and a platter of other roasted veggies. For dessert we were given a BIG plate of fresh strawberries.

Ohana breakfast - they made us a Tofu Scramble that was super yummy. I have tried to recreate it at home because we loved it so much.

We also tried Sanaa and had many choices on their separate Vegan/Vegetarian menu. We sampled many things sine we had 4 of us eating Vegan & GF. We liked almost everything but our favourite was the dips and pappadum crackers.

We got Vegan milkshakes at 50’s Prime Time Diner and Sci Fi Diner!


Almost forgot the Harvest Dinner at Garden Grill in Epcot was supper yummy and tons of food too! Roasted veggies, v & gf buns, sweet potato fries, tossed salad, polenta with some yummy sauce. Might have gotten more but forgot. Dessert was only Tofutti ice cream and Enjoy Life cookies.

The popcorn and Dole Whip at the parks are currently Vegan also.


I’m sure she won’t mind, so I’d like to post @Journey_On’s vegan reviews of three WDW restaurants:

Crystal Palace:


1900 Park Fare:

In general, we’ve found that asking to speak with a Chef can get you some great results. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. Our chef at Cape May was nearly antagonistic. After pointing out options for her on the buffet (most of which had either cheese or butter, therefore were not vegan), the Chef sarcastically asked, “Well what else would you want?!” We were left with a bad taste and negative experience, especially disheartening because Cape May is one of my personal favorites. So unfortunately, a lot of experiences might just be the luck of the draw when it comes to the Chef working that day.


I do think that some of the restaurants seem to be more receptive than others to vegans and that is what will be nice about this thread. We will be able to look here and see which places have shown good experiences.

Just a note also that Kouzzina is no longer so that one won’t be too helpful anymore.

Teppan Edo in Epcot has a vegetable tempura meal. Yum!

@happytears123 covered most of our favorites for vegan, 1900 Park Fare, Crystal palace, Garden Grill are all great choices. We have also gotten a vegan Tonga Toast at Kona Café for breakfast. California Grill and Artist Point provided very tasty and yummy vegan food.

Counter service, Cosmic Rays in MK had vegan veggie burgers, may need to switch out buns, and a great toppings bar. Sunshine season in the Land in Epcot had some good variety. In Animal Kingdom Tamu Tamu, Mr. Mamals, and the Garden Kiosk on Discovery Island look like they had some good items. Rosie’s all American Café has a black bean vegetable burger on the menu.

Overall I have found table services to work with your diet, at buffets showing you around and making you something is there is not enough.

I am sorry to hear about the bad experience at Cape May. That is uncommon. My husband and son are both vegan, and they have eaten well many times when we go.


Yeah, the truly disappointing part is that I had gone by myself about 3 weeks earlier, and spoke to a chef myself. She told me then that it would be no problem, that they had lots in the back they could make for her. So with that in mind, I excitedly made an ADR for the two of us. Then when we got there, the chef working that night had absolutely no interest in being as helpful as the first chef said they could be.

I also love Tangierine Cafe at Morocco!
Also love the CS places with veggie burgers & toppings bars.
I feel that DHS has the least choice CS-wise. Most use the grilled veggie sandwich as the only option.

TS always gave good experiences. If there was no/limited options on the menu some have dedicated veggie menus they can bring out if you ask. Sanaa & San Angel Inn were two I experienced. Others didn’t have a menu but asked “what would you like, just say anything you’d like and we will see if we have the resources to make it for you!”
Most were also very obliging if there was something on the menu I fancied which had one meat ingredient, they were happy to prepare it without it (eg. carbonara without pancetta).
Only TS which wouldn’t do any of this was HoB. Waitress however was very helpful & helped me choose some starters & sides to have as main instead.

Edit There’s also a veggie/vegan food cart at AK. I believe it was on the trail between Africa & Asia? The options looked delicious but I never had time to try any of them :frowning:

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At Pizza Planet, ask to talk to a chef. He can make you a vegan pizza. They use a vegan/gf crust, non-dairy cheese (I think it’s the Daiya brand, but not sure) and loads of veggies. It will take a little while, I think we waited about 8 minutes or so, but it’s an option if you’re tired of the grilled veggie sandwich.


Actually, my love, I don’t think it was the Daiya brand at Pizza Planet. The cheese used at Art of Animation was Daiya, I believe.

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I stand humbly corrected. :slight_smile:

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Incase you all haven’t seen it - this is a great link with reference sheets from Disney for special diets. They are updated every so often and the dates are listed next to the link.

I really wish they had one that listed the combination of vegan and gluten free. It is such a pain to cross reference them.

This weekend I had two great vegetarian meals: quinoa cake with edamame at Whispering Canyon Cafe, and veggie tacos from Hacienda de San Angel (off the separate vegetarian menu) . We had a nut allergy at our table as well at WCC, and the chef spent a lot of time going over both our options. Both entrees were tasty and more imaginative than the usual mediocre pasta or grilled veggies.

My stepson is a vegetarian and raves about the Veggie Lo Mein at Yak and Yeti

He also loves Boma breakfast, mainly the goat cheese and spinach omelette there

Boma goats cheese & spinach omelette is amazing! drools

Had an amazing Vege Breakfast Sandwich at Art of Animation’s Landscape of flavours. I dream of it still…

Interesting - @lisbeth1998 do you remember what was in the sandwich?