Vegan? Disney changes

I’m not vegan. But I know more and more people want vegan options. Apparently, Disney is adding more starting Oct. 1. Just read this here.

Not that they didn’t have vegan options before, but it looks like they are making it easier to identify with the green leaf icon on their menus.

So, an FYI for those who prefer a vegan diet.

Thanks for posting!

What they probably need to do, although it would require some IT work, would be to have a comprehensive database of every food item sold in the parks. Then you could filter in the obvious ways by park, QS/TS, restaurant, etc. But in addition, they could put in vegetarian, vegan, etc filters. Just a dream to make it easier for people than reading every menu individually to find what they want.

If they really got fancy they could add allergies to the filters, but that probably gets trickier due to cross-contamination issues and liabilities, but you’d think they could have a guide and people with allergies would then do what they always do today, which is explain their allergies to the server at the restaurant. Would be a lot easier for everybody. They’ll probably get right on this after they fix the monorail.

Just a heads up (because a good friend of mine going in Nov thought the same thing) but I believe they are only adding 4 or 5 things in October. The more comprehensive stuff and menu changes are coming in early 2020 I believe.



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Really? The article made it sound like at WDW it was happening Oct 1 for QS, Oct. 3 for TS…and then in 2020 for Disneyland.

But maybe it just meant that STARTING Oct. 1 they will BEGIN rolling out the change?

The biggest problem with this is their suppliers - and the suppliers to those suppliers - can change and then your information is out of date.

That’s why with allergies you’re always recommended to speak with a chef to ensure you’re deciding with the most accurate information.

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From what I read, they’re calling it “plant-based” - which makes sense as with all the “variations” on vegetarian (vegan is a bit clearer) it’s about like the way Hollywood (and ergo culture at large) has confused agnostic and atheist.

If you say “plant based” you KNOW it’s free of animal products and you don’t have to worry about variations on a theme.