VB cabana check in and early admission

Will I miss most of the early admission time at Volcano Bay while checking in for a cabana? It seems like waiting in line at a concierge kiosk, then being walked over to a cabana will eat up most of the 30 minutes. What has your experience been?

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There was a trip report very recently that complained about this but I can’t remember whose! @Jeff_AZ was it you?

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Read all about my horrible experience here!

To be fair, I had an issue linking my Express Passes, which is what took most of the time. However, unless you are among the first people through the tapstiles and there is no line at Concierge, I recommend that you snag regular seating, taking advantage of the short lines for early entry, then come back to claim your cabana later.


I should add that I got free EP passes for VB for my next visit thanks to the letter I wrote UOR after this experience:

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I did it in the first year it was open. It was early entry so that helped. My big issue was that they sent me to two different places and then couldn’t find the list.

That being said, it didn’t really matter. We were able to do a couple of attractions before any of the scans were activated and then we could do that from our cabana.

It is a great experience! Enjoy!