Varying Crowd Calendar Recommendations

I’m questioning my days planned…wondering if someone could help…I’m comparing different crowd calendars for our park days June 1-7th. I’m looking at Touring Plans, Kenny the Pirate (2018) and Undercover Tourist. On some days, I’m seeing conflicting data. For example, on Thursday, both KTP and TP show the worst park to visit is Epcot, but UT shows it as the best. KTP and TP shows HS as the best, but UT shows it as the worst. On Friday, TP shows MK as the best, KTP shows it as the worst while KTP and UT shows AK as the best but TP shows AK as the worst.

I’m 37 days from booking dining so I’m trying to pin down which days I want to do which parks. Does anyone have experience with which crowd calendar seems to be the most accurate? Is the general consensus here to just use the TP recommendation? Or should I even look at the crowd calendars?

KTP calendar is not available for 2019 yet.

UT may rank Epcot as best…but considering the crowd level is still a 9 overall, that means it is an 8 at best.

Keep in mind that Thursday falls on July 4 this upcoming year, so that makes that date different than other similar Thursdays.

To answer this question, specifically, I rely on UT when planning my days. TP is good for planning OUT any given day in the park, however.

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I’m looking at June, not July. KTP does still have June 2018 listed, though. I’m not sure how accurate it is to compare year to year.

Oh. You said June, didn’t you. They both start with “Ju”, so you can see my confusion! :wink:

That’s fine! :slight_smile: Both 4 letter words, both summer months - they’re basically the same month, right?

Exactly! Well, except for the celebration of July 4th. That doesn’t happen in June. But you are always welcome to celebrate JUNE 4th however you want!

Anyhow, you could always split the difference. Both put MK as best on that particular Thursday.

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Oh. I noticed that this year, Epcot was marked worst because of EMH. It is generally true that EMH will make that park busier. Too soon to see EMH for June 2019 though.

Kenny’s calendars come out about 6 1/2 months before your trip, so in a few weeks June 2019 will be out. They have been the most accurate for what Disney’s initial hours are when they are released. After that, he updates them as Disney updates them.

That being said, I go by Kenny’s calendars for what parks I pick each day of my trip. I then use the personalized plans from TP for what I am planning during each day (these are flexible plans). This has worked the best for my family’s trips.

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I looked at TP, KtP from previous year, UT and EasyGuide to WDW’s recommended days for each park. Then where I could I found where there was some agreement, for example on my AK Sunday, TP shows it as one of the 2 lowest crowd levels, EasyGuide recommends it, and KtP and UT don’t pick it but don’t say not to go there.


This is what I do, though I weight Kenny and TP more heavily in a somewhat inconsistent and unscientific way. e.g. if Kenny and TP are at odds, UT & Easy WDW act as tiebreakers.:game_die::game_die: