Value Season 2017

Hi everybody! I am planning my first trip to WDW in SIXTEEN YEARS! I was 15 the last time I went, it’s long overdue.
I am looking at late spring 2017. We are from Canada, so we would like it to be warm enough in Orlando to swim and get a tan while still having the feel of skipping out on some of our Canadian winter. This would fall into March/April territory but Im having trouble figuring out when I might get the best deal on a hotel room (looking at POR) as there are many holidays to navigate around this time. Early to mid April would have been our first choice but Easter falls very late next year - April 14-17. Would like to avoid spring break crowds and price hikes but I’m not sure when American spring break will be.
My question: who can guess the ideal dates where the weather will be warm, crowds will be not too bad, and the hotels will likely be discounted. We are going to book a ten day trip.

The weather in Orlando is pretty much always warm. It has a few cooler months from late November through February and in March you might still get a few cool mornings and evenings. By April it’s already starting to get pretty warm again.

Spring breaks in the U.S. range a lot from early March all the way through the End of April. Most likely if you are restricted to those months I would guess the first two weeks in March or the last two weeks in April after Easter would be your best bet. Discounts for rooms during those time frames typically come out in October.

We have gone often in December and end of January and never not been able to swim. Some of the days in January, you didn’t want to get out of the pool as it was relatively cool, but in the pool was fine. The pools are heated, so swimming at temperatures in the 50s was fine by us. January/February could be a little dicey weather wise as 40’s are possible some years though.

If swimming a lot is key, waiting may make sense - if swimming some is all you need, I’d look at other times of the year potentially when crowds are less of an issue as you’re avoiding Spring Break entirely - if you’re schedule can accommodate of course…

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