Value Resort Deal

I was looking around and found Disney has a new deal for this summer.

Guests can enjoy a free meal when they purchase the Sweet Surprise Vacation Package that includes a non-discounted 5-night/6-day room and theme park ticket package at a select Disney Value Resort hotel. This offer is valid for arrivals most nights May 29 – August 25, 2018 and must be booked by February 11, 2018.

I saved over $300 changing to this package.


I am not sure here if this free meal is a table service or a quick service but I would side toward quick service being your staying at a value resort. If you think your saving $300 dollars that’s fine but understand that very few people pay rack rate prices and there are special deals via Disney coming out all the time. But if this sounds like a good deal to you and your happy with it, go for it and have a Magical Vacation. May I also point you toward a travel agency that sometimes can get you big discounts. Their name is Magical Vacations Travel. If interested go to their web site and ask for a quote for the time and dates you have in mind. I have NO relationship to them other than being a customer. They have been mentioned several times out here and I believe there was a post about them not to far back. The Big Book also talks about them and explains how they do what they do. Have a Magical Day!

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The " " Deal is for one quick serve meal a day, but I book the dining plan so it took off about $350. I was so happy I added memory maker and i’m still a head, over $150. I was very reluctant about MM but years ago we lost a nice camera in AK and it was never found. I have a nice digital one now and don’t want to lug it all over.

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They also released a Sun and Fun Room offer this week. I switched over to this package and saved over $700! I couldn’t believe it!


And yes, Memory Maker is awesome. There are usually Liners who use the forum to find others traveling near/on your same dates to split the cost.

That is great, we just miss the cutoff for that one.

I have a room booked with the Regular Dining plan. So if I am reading you right, and I can get one of these Deals, then Disney will reduce the cost of my booking equivalent to ONE quick service plan per day/ per person?

Yes i had a room at all star sports booked for a week in June with the Disney dining plan and by switching to the Sweet Surprise Vacation Package I saved over $300. All I did was call Disney and asked was would I save money on this and they switched it for me. Same room same dining plan, the only thing that changed was the cost.

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I just called and got the same deal! I had already booked 5 nights and 5 days with the Disney Dining Plan and Memory Maker. I called and asked about switching my reservations to take advantage of this deal. She was able to apply the discount and got us $400 off what we were already paying and nothing changed! I didn’t think I could get any discounts by travelling in July! I’m tickled pink! We are staying at Pop Century.

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Yes, if you already have a room/resort included in the deal. I didn’t change the number of ticket days or downgrade my dining plan (DDP).

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i’m so happy for you, hope you have a great trip.:grinning: