Value resort booking issues

I am trying to figure out why the Disney site will not allow me to book a value room over two weekends (9 nights–arriving on a Friday and departing the following Sunday). The system shows availability when I check the dates in 3-5 night increments for LM rooms at AofA, Pop Century, and certain All-Star resorts, but when I attempt to book the entire stay at once as one reservation, it shows no availability. I tried this for the three date windows we are considering (late April/early may, early June, and late October) and it’s the same scenario for each. However, when I put in a 9-night stay in Sept., it will allow me to book as one reservation. Does anyone have any experience with this? The availability is definitely there for all windows. TIA.

I don’t believe you can do a split reservation as I believe you are looking for. You can try to book your reservations as three separate reservations and go that way. I have two separate reservations going right now though they are not that close together. My advice is to contact Disney Travel agency or use on-line chat for help in what you are looking for.

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I think you will have to call. I have heard of this issue before and I’m pretty sure that was the advice given.

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There may not be availability of room class you are looking for for all 9 nights. For example there may be standard rooms available from Friday to the following Friday but not for the Saturday and Sunday you need because only preferred pool rooms are available for those last two days. Or if you are booking at a special rate, there may not be room available for that deal for the whole stay. I’d call to book to be sure you get what you need.