Validating Canadian ticket

Hello! We will be arriving this Friday at Disney world and will be going to the magic Kingdom on Saturday. We have purchased the Canadian ticket offer discount and we apparently need to show proof of Canadian citizenship before being allowed into the park for the first time. I heard I do this at a guest services location. We have an 8am PPO reservation at Be Our Guest. Will be be able to do this (ie will they be open) before our reservation. I really don’t want to have to go to Disney springs or somewhere the night before!

Thanks for your help!

I cannot answer on what time the guest services open, but with your ADR being this early I would stop by the Disney Springs the night before.

It took us about 20 min of wait time and another 5-7 min of talking to CM to do this at DS guest services. We needed all family members to be present and have passports or other photo ID proving Canadian residency.

I think it will be easier and worry free for you unless your flight arrives late at night.

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Thank you. We are arriving at lunch time so we will have lots of time however by brother and his family do not arrive until after supper and will be tired as they are coming from the Yukon! Long flight! I will try to have us all do this Friday though. Thank you!

I definitely do not want to chance not getting to BOG on time and missing the chance to get in line for 7DMT early!

Were you activating the tickets before you checked in to your hotel? We are arriving in Orlando Saturday evening but only checking in at Pop Century Sunday morning. We hoped to go to Disney Springs Saturday night and activate the tickets but weren’t sure if we would be able to do so before our package started.

We are staying at Port Orleans so I guess we will check into the hotel then catch the boat down! Can we activate the day before our first Park day though I wonder?!

We were activating soon after checking in. But the check in timing should not matter. All they need to see is the proof of residency. They also took our magic bands to check if the tickets were linked to MB properly.

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Yes, we activated the day before first park day.

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Thank you @eug2506 very helpful information!! Good luck with your trip and enjoy!!

Thanks. Out trip was Jan 22 to Feb 2. Back in snowy Toronto for two weeks now :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Enjoy your trip!

Oh !! I mis understood one of your responses and thought you were going this weekend too :slight_smile: my bad! Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for the information. We won’t have our magic bands at that point so hopefully we’ll still be able to get the tickets set up.

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You don’t need the MB’s to activate the tickets. They actually will provide cards. I think it was just passports & confirmation information. (I picked up for 6 people, on 3 different confirmations- everyone wasn’t even there, I just had all their passports and it was all good) We did it the night before first use at Disney Springs on a Saturday night. Lucked out and the wait was very minimal.


That’s so good to hear! Thanks for replying.