Valid Ticket Date Question - The CM response was not convincing

I hope someone here on TP can help me feel better about my ticket situation. I originally had a reservation at Yacht Club with free dining and 7 day PH tickets for July 6 - July 13. A few months later I decided to add a room only day on the front side at Pop Century for July 5th, I did this online via My Disney Experience. Then I called Disney to see if I could add an extra day to my tickets that already existed with Yacht Club reservation. The CM said yes, no problem. Well now the tickets shown online via My Disney Experience say they are an 8 day ticket valid July 6 - July 13. So yes I can see the extra ticket day is added but I need them to be valid on July 5th, I don’t plan on using it July 13th. I called Disney again and the CM said the dates cannot be moved to the 5th since they are linked to my original reservation at Yacht Club but I “should” be able to get the concierge at Pop Century to activate them on July 5th. Does anyone know for sure if that will work? I am concerned I will arrive at Disney and spend half my day dealing with a ticket activation / mess.

I think you are getting bad information. With the new date based tickets I do not believe they can be activated early.


I am not sure if this will help you, but I’ve had good luck with issues involving MDE by calling the website support line at (407) 939-4357. Sometimes they are more knowledgeable about how to fix things on MDE than the Reservations CM’s. Good luck!

There is a video on the WDW website. Here is the link:
It says you can change your dates or modify your tickets prior to the start date.

It is a free dining ticket. Those tickets have always been different.

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Oh, sorry!

Nothing to be sorry about- I am just really concerned about those tickets. This sis something I would ask about on chat. I think the CM gave really bad info, and it cost money.


Okay. Sounds like I should be concerned. I will keep trying to contact someone more knowledgeable. Thank you for the suggestions.

PT you are correct. I called existing ticket line who then transferred me to resort package ticket CM and that CM seemed very knowledgeable. I will not be able to activate those tickets on July 5th. But I still have 8 days tickets instead of 7 so I will just move the room only reservation to July 13th. Not ideal, but who cares, I will find a way to use that extra ticket day somehow!! Thanks for you advice.


I am sorry !

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