VAH availability

We are planning on VAH on 5/22 for a trip with teens, have never done an after-hours event before and am looking forward to it. Does anyone have a sense of how often these events sell out and if so how far ahead? I’m leery of spending non-refundable money in light of Coronavirus…not that I think we would be afraid to go, and if WDW closes I’m sure they would refund the money. But if schools get shut down in the next couple of months as is happening in several countries they may not get out of school for the summer as early as planned (we plan to leave for WDW as soon as they finish finals). Does anyone think Disney would let us rebook the party for a different date if that was the case? Would you go ahead and purchase or wait?

From the looks of it, I think you are fine for now. I just looked on Disney’s site and all of their 2020 VAH dates are available for purchase, including the one happening tonight. That includes right through Spring Break. Nothing is showing unavailable.

If you have any worry, just sit on it and watch the calendar on Disney where you purchase them. If some start to sell out in advance, pull the trigger. Other than that, I think you will be good.