Vacation Planner Ideas

This is a non-negotiable rule for us. We frequently travel with another family, so a party of 10 or so, at one 15 minute restroom stop each per day (by the time you find one, wait in line, return to original spot…), there just went 2.5 hours of the day!

We’d never attempted RD before our trip last January. I insisted. They saw how the lines grew throughout the day, and that by the time that happened, we were pretty much done with the headliners. They are all totally sold on it. There was zero push back when I gave an overview of our upcoming plans.

ETA: We are NOT morning people. :laughing:


One of us cough teenage daughter cough won’t get out of bed before 10 am the earliest. Our RD days are long gone. On our arrival day, she and her friends didn’t get to MK until 7 pm with an 8pm close. They ran around the park like crazy people, did all the rides they wanted, and had a blast. Which is really all that matters. I understand the rational behind RD, but we jut can’t get moving that early, nor do I want to. I’d rather relax in a longe when lines are long, and then do headliners at the end of the day.


Oh, what a timely thread! I’ve just skimmed, but I want to throw this out to you all. I was lamenting the lack of a tool for vacation planning, to my husband. We were in the car (I always drive), and he started searching.
He found I think they’re a relatively new company. I’ve started trying it out with some non-Disney vacations and so far, it’s pretty good. Not perfect, but I hope it’ll grow. It’s free, but I can’t see it staying that way. I have no idea how they’re paying for it.
(If this isn’t allowed to be on the boards, I’m happy to take it down. I’m not affiliated with that website at all.)

ETA: Ok. After reading more carefully, you’ve all got good strategies for Disney maps and stuff. I don’t have much to contribute there. I just use a spreadsheet. :slight_smile:

I use a table I pull together in PowerPoint (I am a presentation designer so know how to bend it to my will).

I dearly miss my PassPorter that was PERFECT for planning but get that everyone prefers digital planning to the paper.

I recently found this from my daughter’s 7th birthday trip (she turns 20yo this summer).

It doesn’t have every detail, but perfect for the 7yo to get the general idea. I gave her a plastic folder with a clear slot on the cover to keep everything important for the trip in it. :sunglasses: