Vacation package with an AP

Hi all!

I looked but couldn’t find an answer to this so forgive me if I missed it.

I am starting to plan a trip for my son, his girlfriend and myself and I have an AP.

Can you make a vacation package reservation but only get tickets for the people that don’t have APs? I’ve tried online and can’t seem to be able to figure it out.

My understanding is that everyone in the same room has to do the same thing … either package or room only + tickets/AP.

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This is correct.

You can do room only and buy their tickets separately.

Or you could ask for a ticketless package for all three of you (call for this) to get the $200 deposit and related booking and cancellation rules/regs and buy tickets separately for them.

Great, thanks for the information @robinlg1_664918 and @OBNurseNH !

Glad I wasn’t missing something obvious when trying to do this online.

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…and is it just me or are the magical extras discounts pretty much the same as what you can get already with AP discount :face_with_monocle: …other than the luggage tags & mini golf.

I have a friend who is a TA so I let her book my one night, and they (Disney) did it as the ticketless package as she had to call in order to apply the AP discount. No plans to cancel, so I said I was fine with it…I did enjoy Winter Summerland (we played Winter) last year, so maybe I need to play the other course while we kill time waiting for my friends to arrive :joy:

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Nope. If you get a package everyone in the room must have same tickets, dining plan or whatever.