V&A Chef's Table Question

I’ll be dining at the Chef’s Table in November. I know that the table is in an alcove of the kitchen, and I also know that professional kitchens can get very hot. Is the seating area well temperature controlled, or will it be really warm like the kitchen? DW and I are trying to plan our wardrobe, and this is the only “unknown” to me. TIA :slight_smile:


No answer to this, but just wanting to express my jealousy!! Can’t wait to read all about it.

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The guests in the promotional videos I have seen of it were dressed up, so I wouldn’t think that it is really warm in Chef’s Table area. Hopefully someone with some real experience can chime in. Maybe call the restaurant directly and ask?

I’d have to agree about calling the restaurant to be sure. And I’m hoping you’ll take photo’s and detailed notes because i would like to live vicariously through you lol.

Food Porn!!

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There will definately be a blog series about dining after this trip. This will be my “Foodies do WDW” trip. My ADR list is: Sun - Citrico’s; Mon - Hollywood Brown Derby, California Grill; Tues - Le Cellier, Monsieur Paul; Wed - Sanaa, Artist Point; Thurs - Be Our Guest, Narcoosee’s; Fri - Tusker House, Yachtsman; Say - V&A Chef’s Table; Sun - Raglan Road (in that order). For the “missing” Saturday lunch, I will be doing the Wild Africa Trek and DW will probably grab something light at Mara.

This will be followed at UOR by The Palm, Three Broomsticks, Bice, Leaky Cauldron, and Tchoup Chop (again, in order).

Gonna get my money’s worth out of my TiW card this trip…


I remember, I think it was Len talking about it, they relaxed the dress code when the got to the table and let men take off jackets.

@len how was the temperature of the chef’s table?

It wasn’t hot, even though it’s in a kitchen. I took off the jacket because it was a 3- or 4-hour meal. I had to put it back on when leaving the room, though.

Thanks @len Is there a separate check-in, or do you go up to the main entrance to the restaurant and tell them you’re there for the Chef’s Table?

Main entrance, then you get walked back and meet the chef and your serving team. It’s a lot of fun. Also, the kitchen is way more organized and quiet than you see on some of those TV cooking shows.

You mean there isn’t anyone back there screaming and calling everyone Donkey’s? Darn…

Doesn’t sound like any kitchen I’ve worked in. Hot, angry alcoholics with sharp knives - not a good combination.

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It was comfortable, maybe a little cool after a while. They have shawls available for the ladies if they need one. I had my own and wore it part of the time. Men are allowed to take their jackets off, but have to wear it if they use the restroom, which requires walking through the main dining room. The kitchen was quiet, but we felt comfortable conversing at a normal level. It was a great experience! I’m looking forward to your blog, as we haven’t eaten at any other signature restaurants at Disney, but hope to in the future.

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