UT Ticket Question

I’m looking for tickets for our upcoming trip, and There will be 3 adults, This trip we will want 7 day hopper passes, but my husband and I will be upgrading to AP’s because of a planned Trip a few months after (YAY!).

Looking at UT, there are two tickets - 6 day hopper with free extra day, or 7 day hopper. Are they both essentially the same except for price? I’m just confused why offer a 7 day hopper when the 6 day with extra bonus day is available for a lesser price? I guess I’m looking for the “catch”.

I might be missing something, my mind is kind of full with lots of numbers and if this then that with finding tickets for 3 people and then the upgrade calculations and all that.

They are the exact same tickets - the 6 day plus is just a marketing gimmick. Order it and you will actually get a 7 day ticket.

So, No Catch? Ha. Perfect.

I’ve used those a few times (we tend to have 1 one 2 more than we can get military hoppers for). It’s nice… saves a few bucks, anyway. The UT customer service is pretty good as well.

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Nope - no catch, just bought them myself and no issues.

FYI, Those 6+1=7 tickets at UT are the highest discount of all the 3rd party sellers right now - if you’d like to double check your math, I created a Google sheet where you can plug in the number of Adults/Children in your party and it will tell you which tickets to buy for the biggest savings, and also how much you should expect to pay for the bridged AP upgrade.

(Note @almontalbano - my spreadsheet will give you the AP upgrade estimate for all the people in your party, so if I am reading your message correctly and you are buying discount tickets for 3 people, but only upgrading to AP for 2 people, be sure to put “2” in the adults spot for the correct bridged AP estimate.)

I just upgraded the ticket prices from each site today - Boardwalk’s prices are generally better right now, except for these 6+1 UT tickets.

BTW, For people of buying in the near future: Boardwalk added Base and Hopper (but not PH Plus) 10 day discount tickets that weren’t there before that almost caught up to that UT discount. So, if the UT discount goes away, Boardwalk will have the best prices overall.

I should have also mentioned - the UT ticket prices in my spreadsheet are the cheapest ones you can get from them, but have to use the Mousesavers newsletter link to get them.

That newsletter is free - or if you are under a time crunch I can forward the most recent one to you, just let me know. (They don’t allow posting the link directly, but do allow forwarding the entire newsletter)