Using your car

If you are staying on property at one of the Disney Resorts, can you take your car to the parks and avoid having to pay?

I was wondering about, for example, if staying at the Contemporary, rather than take a bus from the resort to HS (or AK), perhaps it would be faster/easier to take a car…but then I wasn’t sure if you would still have to pay to park.

Yes, guests with on-site reservations have complimentary parking at all parks.

There are occasions when taking your own vehicle might save you some time.

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Especially if you plan to park-hop!

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SOG, although physically “on-site” is not Disney owned; you do not get free parking staying there.

Oh! I had no idea!

Shameful given that’s a veterans resort…

The trade-off, of course, is that you are getting a room that would be considered “deluxe” by any definition, that is larger than any standard rooms in a Disney deluxe, for $150/night or less (depending on your rank).

But Swalphin guests do? That doesn’t make sense! Though the SOG relationship seems unusual to me with the perks they do/do not get.

Well I suppose there’s that, and a week’s worth of parking probably would not make up that difference.

Not that I’m eligible, but I’m curious about the rooms Probably time for a video tour on youtube :slight_smile: I’ll bbl!

I don’t know this as a fact, but I believe there is a hefty price tag that has to be paid to get the free parking option. When you’re part of the huge Sheridan conglomerate you can absorb that as part of your operating fees. When you’re a relatively small independent hotel the fees could be crushing; They would have to jack up the rates on all of the rooms to offset the cost - which is in direct conflict with their “mission”.

Why Disney could not waive the fee for the DoD is a different question…

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Parking is free to onsite guests. We typically have a car and find it is faster to drive than it is to take Disney transportation to the parks. The exception would be MK (but if you’re staying at CR you can walk). Driving to MK is a bit of a hassle.