Using Uber at resorts

My friend and I will be going to Jelly Rolls at the Boardwalk. The last time I was there, by the time we left the buses had stopped running. (Disney was nice enough to send a special bus for us because there were so many people stuck at Boardwalk not realizing the busses had stopped for the night. Disney magic!) Anyway, so I want to have a plan to get us back to our resort, OKW. Anyone ever use Uber to pick you up at a resort? Can Uber drivers get past the resort security gates?

Yes! No problem for Uber to get into the resort. We were picked up at the Contemporary & dropped off at the Beach Club once. Uber has a regular presence there and around Disney.

If you haven’t used Uber before, download the app and check it out.
Let me know if you’d like a code for a free ride, I have one. I think you may get one when you first sign up.

Have fun at Jelly Rolls!


Do you know if my girlfriend and I both downloaded the Uber app and use a code, would we each be able to use Uber and get a free ride while down at Disney World in December?

Yes, as long as it is the first time for each of you to use the app.

Awesome! Thanks y’all!

Thanks. I’ve heard of some other company like uber called lift of something like that. Do you know them?

Yeah, it’s Lyft. Works pretty much the same as Uber. I’m not totally sure if they offer free/discounted first rides, but I think they do.

Just used Lyft near the Orlando airport a couple of weeks ago (to get supplies before we hopped on the Disney transfer to PCvl). Works almost exactly like Uber - very easy and economical.

We used LYFT on our last trip and with the promotion they had, received $55 credit, good for $5 off a ride for 11 rides.

Here’s some info on how to use it and save money:

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Just came across this thread - looking into using Uber once at Disney later this year. We are hoping to get a Bon Voyage breakfast reservation at Boardwalk and think it may be the most efficient way to get there from our resort (Grand Floridian) for an early breakfast (then we’ll walk over to Epcot after). Any tips? Never used Uber before…Any idea on the cost? Or is a taxi better?
And what is the difference between UberX, Select, etc…?

The link below will take you to their site. It explains the different options.
uber info
Here’s a free ride code:

Feel free to use that. :relaxed:

We’ve used Uber at Disney when we really needed to get somewhere by a specific time. We had a few crazy experiences with the buses this time (nearly an hour to get from AK to Beach Club). Uber has worked great for us.

Do you still have a free uber code?

The post right above yours has a link to info about using Uber in Orlando and WDW. Here’s the link again:

There are codes in this thread for “free” rides" but it’s really just a discount good up to a certain amount. That amount changes all the time and varies by city where you sign up/use it. It is also only good for new accounts only. Here’s the link:

Thank you! Going to look into this option for sure if we have a breakfast ADR at Trattoria al Forno. We want to do the Bon Voyage breakfast on our Epcot day but are staying at GF and Uber just seems to be the simplest option, especially if it’s before park openings.