Using TP Suggest my FastPass

So I’m spending in ordinate time trying to learn how to use the awesome personalized TP features. I spent a couple days getting FPs and then trying to work around them before I read a post suggesting I start with a copy, get FPs recommended and go from there. It’s a little tricky because we’re there in December but happy to get a plan for each day and some FPs and see how much fun we can have with as little aggravation as possible.

I don’t quite understand how to use the Suggest my FastPass. I go the My Experience and it gives me attraction choices in a Select 1 from this Group and.Select 2 from this Group arrangement. On the TP suggestor there are two lists. I’m getting confused between the Disney Groups and the TP lists (I’m a software design geek so maybe it’s the use of the word “group” on the TP tool - depending on how this is supposed to work maybe “list below” would be better?).

So on the TP Suggestor do I put the # of attractions from the left side list in regardless of which Disney Group it appears in? And then ditto for the right side list? Or is it somehow related more to the Disney Group 1 and Group 2. So confused…


IF it helps, here’s what Disney is offering me for 12/16/2015

Select up to 1 from this Group
Fantasmic* (will try to buy the dinner special)
R&R Coaster*
Movie Ride*
Toy Story*

Select up to 2 from this Group
Dis Jr
Star Tours*

I’ve starred the attractions we want to see regardless of FPs. I’d like to use an FP for Toy Story or do anything to avoid that line.