Using tickets with a short gap in days

I’m hesitant to ask this, because I’ve had so much grief with planning this trip, but here goes. We are staying onsite Jan 4-9, and will use 5 days of park tickets. Then we’re doing a 3 night DCL cruise. Our flight back after the cruise is at 8pm, so we’d like to have the option to hit a park again that day before we leave.

Right now, we have 6 day MYW tickets, and the post-cruise day is the eighth day after our first ticket is used (so ticket shouldn’t be expired). I should be able to use my remaining ticket day this day, right? And still be able to use MB? Or am I wrong?

Yep you got it. As long as you only use five days you can use the last one anytime within fourteen days of the first use do you should be good.

Sorry you’ve had grief planning. Just shoot if you have other questions.