Using Three Tier 2 FP's at HS

Hello, I am new to the forum! My family is going to HS mid-March. All of the tier one FPs were already distributed by the time our window opened so we now have 3 tier 2 FPs.

My question: Will we be able to begin selecting day of FPs after tapping in to our second reserved FP, or will it be after the three Tier 2 FPs are tapped into?


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You cant get any more until you have used all 3 but you can try to modify one to a tier 1 either before the trip or day of.


Okay thank you! I hope we’ll be able to modify them as well

Keep an eye out for an hours change - I’m betting 9AM openings will change to 8 - especially with the addition of the new Mickey and Minnie ride on top of the Star Wars rides. If they do change them, FPP changes won’t be far behind.


Thank you for bringing this up! It really was helpful; I ended up getting morning fp’s including for MMRR.

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