Using the premium dashboard with universal?

Ive subscribed and added universal....

I can't find how to add universal to my dashboard plan, its only allowing me to select disney parks. any advice?


edit - found how to create a universal trip.. but would like to have my universal and disney trip combined

I have one WDW and one UOR trip on my dashboard (although the UOR one is purely a pipe dream at this point) so let me see if I can recall what I did.

Is UOR listed under destinations on the right under your profile? I can see the different parks listed there, and it tells me when my TP subscription for each park will end. If it's not showing up there, then maybe log out and log back in again. Tell me if that doesn't work, and I'll brainstorm something else.

We're working on a "combined trip" feature. It's not currently possible though. Soon, I hope. smile

I had to create two back-to-back trips; one for WDW and one for UOR. Really wasn't a problem.

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thats great. exactly what I'm wanting. I'm guessing its a bit different for brits, as it costs us thousands in flights before we even get there we like to cram in as many parks as possible!

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