Using the monorail and Disney hotel resturants

Hi, I will be travelling to Orlando with my hubby and 3 teenage kids in February. We have a villa in Davenport and 14 day Disney passes. Is it possible to use the monorails which link the parks to Disney hotels and dine in the hotel restaurants as ‘non-residents’? Thanks :smile:

Yes! Park at the TTC and hop on the monorail. You can eat at any of the counter service restaurants. Or make an advanced dining restaurant and take the monorail or park at the resort!

Yes!! Exactly what @PrincipalTinker said. Also, you can use the boat or bus system as an additional transportation option.

Thank you @PrincipleTinker and @DarthDopey. Are all these modes of tranport free with the Disney passes?

they are free for anyone.

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however, parking at the TTC (magic kingdom parking) and the other parks will be about $17.

edited to add: if you park at a park and then decide to drive to another park on the same day, save your receipt. They will only charge you once if you are park hopping on the same day.

and again, if you are looking for a sit-down, table service restaurant, be sure to get an Advanced Dining Reservation. The more popular ones might already be “sold out” but sometimes people cancel at the last minute. And often the even lesser ones are still difficult to walk up and get a table without waiting for a long a while.

Thank you @DarthDopey, I’ll have a look at the Disney maps and restaurant reviews :smiley:

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