Using the Lines App

I’m new to the app. Loving creating my plans so far. My question is once I get to the parks, do I delete things from my plans as I do them so the app will adjust things? And do I keep clicking “Customize” as we go to maximize our time? If there is a help section for this kind of stuff. Let me know. I’m OCD & would love all the tips! TIA


On the date of your plan the “done” button will appear ( you can test this by creating a plan for today). The morning of your plan and after a couple of steps you should “optimize” your plan.

It helps all of us if you could also report the posted wait times and time your actual times every once in a while. Have fun!


Welcome to the forum! You’re in good company. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Tips abound here. Ask all the questions and have a good look around. One of my favorite parts of touring plans besides creating the plans is reading trip reports. There are a couple that just ended that are worth taking a read through. New ones should be coming up soon. They’re fun to read in real time. Everyone here is super friendly and always happy to help.


Thanks so much!

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Great! Thank you! I can’t wait.

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So it sounds like an “optimize” once or twice during the day is enough? I should not then be optimizing after every ride?

I’m always curious how many times people optimize during the day.

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I’ve not been using my app b/c of how frequently it signs me out :rage:

I kind of base it off how the day seems to be going and how far off plan I appear to be. If I’m more than 10-15 minutes behind, I reoptimize.

I reoptimized a LOT last trip :frowning:


I’ve never optimised, I use printed plans.

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I may have over-optimized the last trip in Dec. 2020. We must have crisscrossed MK 4 times in under an hour, the ride order changed like 5 times, and … well … my kids may have mutinied… :rofl:


On my last trip I optimized the morning of and then after every other ride. It definitely changed a lot as the morning went on.


This may have changed from last time I used a TP back in 2018, but if you click “done”, it’s gone forever, even in the desktop version, yeah?

I like to keep my plans as sort of a diary of what I did. So I may need to create secondary plans for real time optimization if it still deletes stuff. (Actually - nm. I just remembered you can’t view your step notes in the Lines app, so I’ll probably just print a paper plan…)

You could print to a PDF and then still look at it on your phone if you need to.

In the app is there a way to favorite only rides that interest you? I’d love to only see my favorites at a glance in each park when I’m not looking at a plan and looking at the live report for the park instead.

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