Using the Lines App as a Local FL Resident?

Cheers all! I’m an Arizonan who’s planning to move to the Orlando area in early 2015, and in anticipation of living so close to WDW, I purchased a Touring Plans subscription and downloaded Lines.

After creating a few tester personalized plans, I was curious what the best option would be for locals who may take off for a certain park – say, Magic Kingdom – on a whim without creating a plan in advance. Is there any method for telling the app “Hey, I just showed up at MK. Now tell me what to do!”, or does each park arrival necessitate its own plan? If there’s presently no touring-plan-on-the-fly option, is it best then to just keep a personalized plan in my dashboard for each park, and edit the date, approximate arrival time, attractions, etc every time I have the chance to go?

Thanks for any advice you can provide!

Early welcome to the neighborhood! My husband, daughter, cat, and I just made the leap to Florida this April… no regrets and lots of delights!

I use Lines a LOT more as a local than I did when I was traveling because it allows me to just show up and say “I want to do something” and then go do it. What I do is select the park I’m in, and then look at the list of expected wait times. If something has a short line and it’s something I want do do, I go and do it. If something is long, I just skip it because I know I’ll be back on some other day.

The other thing I use a LOT is the “Browse Menus by Location” section. Because we’re local, we’ll show up at a park and do a few things, and then not have a plan for lunch. We’ll quickly skim over the menus for the places close to us, pick something, and go nosh. Sometimes we’ll also use the “Search Menus for Items” option to figure out snack options when we say “You know, I really could go for a brownie right now…but I don’t know where I can get one nearby.”

The easiest way is to load one of the “standard” TPs, enter the date, and hit optimize. Another option is to just look at the posted wait times and go for what looks good. If I was local, I probably wouldn’t worry a lot about TPs; if I don’t ride something today, I can catch it next month…

Fantastic ideas, thank you both! I didn’t realize that the standard, pre-made TPs could be optimized. I browsed a few of them and didn’t see that option, so I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for the great tips!