Using the IPO to make ADR's

Just wondering if anyone has used the IPO to make their ADR’s exclusively? If not, how did you use the IPO in a way that maximized their resources and still left you feeling like you were somewhat in control?

Also, on that same note, what has everyone’s experience been like with club level concierges securing last minute reservations?

I’ve used IP’s exclusively. Everything went well. Very easy. The more notice you give them, the better. They check everyday for hard-to-get ADR’s, but only check once a day.

The club concierge at CR DID get us into HBD on time when it was booked.We were already onsite. They called HBD directly.

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How far in advance did you give them your ADR wish list?

A little less than 180, once. CRT was booked for my date, but still available later in the week. You can also email changes you’d like. I also love the emails from the IPO’s (nicely themed, a little magic I your day.) Sounds stupid I know;)

You can also call 407-WDW-CLUB, but I prefer the emails.