Using the IPO for ADR's

I contacted the IPO office associated with the Poly today to provide them with my credit card information as my ADR reservation date is almost here! I am planning on having their office make my ADR’s for me. I know I’m wondering if I’m crazy, but they’ve assured me they start making reservations at 5:30. Anyway, I asked about payment for reservations that require prepayment (CRT, HDDR.) I had thought about possibly paying for one of those events out of pocket. I was informed by the IPO CM that they just make all the reservations, even the ones requiring prepayment with the idea that you will be using your dining plan for them. I was then told that if I wanted to pay out of pocket I could just let a CM at the time of the meal. That makes sense to me, except for HDDR which is a hard ticketed event. Which from my understanding, I will be picking up those tickets at my hotel. If I wanted to pay out of pocket for HDDR, how could I do that? Unless, I could change my payment method when I pick up my tickets? Maybe I’m over thinking this but this is the first time using the IPO (first time staying club level) and I just want to make sure I have a grasp on what’s going on. Thanks as always.

If you want to pay out of pocket for HDDR just don’t have them book it and call to make that particular reservation. It isn’t one that fills up fast so you can call when you get time. Just tell the phone CM you won’t be using dining credits and they will charge you when you book it and you can add the confirmation number to your MDE.

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That makes sense but I guess I’m wondering if what the IPO CM said is correct. I’d like to avoid paying for anything ahead of time unless I have to. Depending on how the week goes with meals and credits, I may decide to pay for HDDR out of pocket or use credits. I just don’t want to be surprised when I get there, and what the CM told me honestly confused me.

Ahhh, I would guess you could pay beforehand and they would issue you a refund of the points spent. I think the only way you could be sure is to wait to book it until you decide to go and if you want to pay the week of. It rarely sells out that I’ve seen though.