Using the Dashboard

I am going to WDW Jan 1-9, 2017 with 5 family members. I wanted to make two different dashboards for the same date as I am not sure which members will be with us for which days and I wanted to have an “alternative” dashboard ready. I made my first dashboard with touring plans for the parks everyday and this is the dashboard I am hoping we’ll use, however I started making an alternative dashboard just in case things change, now I can’t find my original dashboard. Is it possible to have two dashboards for the same trip?

I’m not sure you can. :frowning:

You can make multiple touring plans for the same day. I’m confused about why you want 2 dashboards, or what that even means.

I don’t think you can have two dashboards! You can make two different touring plans for the same day, just make sure you label them as such. :slight_smile:

You cannot make them for the same dates but you can make multiple trips using different dates.

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