Using Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards

I noticed that Target is having a 10% off sale on the purchase of their giftcards during Black Friday.

Here’s what I’m thinking, on black Friday, I purchase Target gift cards at Target at a 10% discount, then later I return to Target and use my purchased Target gift card to purchase a Disney gift card? So when all is said and done, I could get a $100 Disney giftcard for $80?

Has anyone ever used a Target gift card to purchase a Disney giftcard?

Yes this is a common trick that liners use. Some have reported that you can’t just buy a giftcard with a giftcard so you might add a few other small items so that the registers don’t bark at the employee. I’ve also wondered if doing this and then adding a few items you might be able to pay with your redcard to get another 5% discount. However the 10% discount would actually be pay $90 per 100.

I did notice in the fine print you can’t use the discount gift cards until that Saturday after the sale and there is a limit of $300 but that can easily be circumvented with multiple transactions. Also they are available online as well as in store if you don’t want to brave the crowds.

@Outer1 - thank you for your reply and helpful hint about purchasing something else when using a Target giftcard to buy a Disney giftcard.

Perhaps math should not be something I should attempt so early in the morning… I was just thinking about my post, and realized “I’m an idiot”… 10% of $100 is a $10 savings… Oh, well, I’ll take a savings anyway possible.

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Yep every penny counts! We leave on the 28th so we won’t be able to take advantage of the savings but good luck!

I just purchased some but had to do it online as the store said I could not by them with the Target gift cards since they are the ones that are not “loadable” ($50). buying them online worked though after I registered the Target cards on the Target website, no problem.


This thread has me now planning to get the Target gift cards and then Disney gift cards when the earliest I will be heading back to the world is next October! :smile:
Never too early to start setting aside funds I guess.


Just bought $300 worth of Disney gift cards using the Target gift cards that I purchased during yesterday’s Black Friday 10% discount!!! YIPEEE it worked great, and I never had to leave my house! I bought $300 worth of Target giftcards for $270 online yesterday, then today I bought 6 $50 Disney giftcards and am having them shipped (for free) to my house - wow that was so easy.

Thanks for suggestion TP liners community!

Yes, I paid off most of my last vacation with Disney gift cards purchased from Target, I have the red card so if I buy online I get an addition 5% off. I bought $300 for $270 on black friday and will end up with $300 in Disney GC for $255.

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