Using someone else's fast pass

Not trying to be a rule breaker, but wondering about switching magic bands once in the park in order to use someone else's fast pass? My son is way more into the rides, especially for Epcot, and I wanted to potentially use my daughter's fast pass for him for Test Track. If I just let him use her bracelet for that ride, are there any consequences to that? Would they even know it wasn't his? All the fast passes are "mine", meaning within my family, so I don't see why they'd really care, but I don't want to have any issues at the parks either. TIA for any advice!

It does show the CM the name attached to the band so it's really up to them if they want to let little jim use little sally's mb. Some CM's seem to encourage this and other's have been reported to turn someone away for it. Unfortunately since it's out of the 'designed' use of MB's they don't have to allow it. Plenty have done so without an issue though so if you decide to try just make sure to prepare him for the possibility of it not happening.

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Thanks Outer1! That's helpful. My daughter has a somewhat gender-neutral name so I think it might work OK in that direction, but not so well if she tried to use one of my son's!

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I think for the most part the CM's try to be accommodating. I think if you were head to the FP entrance with him in case of questions you'd likely not have any issues.

Honestly, I don't think you'll have an issue. At this point, as long as the FPP time is valid, they don't care. They've seen family members switch bands because people can't ride and let others swap.

It's still Just one person using one FASTPASS time. There's only a loss if it's not used at all.

I've done it several times and the CMs barely look up. They're just checking for the green light. Several times, I've gone through and a CM wasn't even looking at the tapstile.


Also, does a CM really want to stop a boy named Sue and have a fight ensue (or have the family sue! Who knew? Not you!) Has anyone personally ever been turned away because they switched MBs? I'd be interested to know. Also, maybe switch MBs in front of the CM? I'm not sure why they'd care.


I accidentally booked our 4 y/o for space mountain instead of myself. I just realized and now it won't let me copy the FP to myself. I plan to switch with her for that ride since she is too small (we'll do rider switch).

When my family of 5 were at WDW in Jan, we swapped magic bands every which way for fast pass multiple times. We never had a problem. I honestly don't think you will have a problem either.

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'm going to do it and not stress now!!

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This trip I booked my mom for rides she can't go on so that either DH, dd or me could ride. No problems. The FPs are being used and not wasted.

I've used my husband's for a couple rides with no issue. Planing to do the same for our next trip.

It goes by the name in mde, so I changed my wife and myself to our initials. Never had an issue other than a confused CM saying "welcome, uh, K"

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We did this on our trip. DH, me, DD25 and DSIL 26. DH and I didn't want to ride Space or EE a second time so we gave our bands over to them. I saw quite a few "olders" doing this during our trip. Who cares? DH and I went to the Dawa bar. They ride. Everybody having fun!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the input! We just returned from our trip and had zero issues with switching the wristbands!

Glad I found this thread. DW’s back has been causing here problems lately, and she may decide to bail on the coasters; was hoping that I might be able to use her MB for a second ride :smile: