Using Room Request on Touring Plans

I am not sure what if anything I am doing wrong. I am trying to use the Room Request feature on my desktop and it keeps telling me there are 0 rooms that fit my criteria. We have 3 rooms booked at POR, Garden View, non-preferred. I put in our check-in date, August 22 and Upper floor with Garden and get 0 rooms to choose from. Not sure what I am missing. Can anyone help? I usually am pretty tech savvy but no clue here! Thanks.

The best solution is to e-mail - they are usually pretty quick to get to the bottom of things like this.

When I tried I see this:

I would then click on the reddish section to see the views.


Make sure you don’t have “touring plans’ picks” checked. I was scratching my head for a while trying to find a room to request until I figured that out.

Ok, so it looks like there are 2 buildings with rooms that match your requests (80 & 85-highlighted in pink/mauve) When you click on one of those 2 buildings, it defaults to floor 2 (see the drop down on the upper right side just below the banner - just below the “search touring plans” box) and you should see all the the rooms—some are white and some are pink. The rooms that are pink are the ones that match your request. You can use the drop down to see the rooms on floor 2 vs floor 3. Click on any of those pink rooms and you can see the view from that specific room. There are alot that match your request in each of those buildings. I hope this helps :+1: